1. Hello Sydney :)

  2. My most recent quilt with cushions…now all the way in Oz with the bf :) <3

  3. Need these in my life <3

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  4. 1st attempt of making a Rainbow cake :)

  5. Patchwork quilt i made for my cousin’s girlfriend, all made from her old clothes :)

  6. Not blogged or made anything in a while, but will be back into it soon! Just assembled my new desk for my new studio :)

  7. hatopress:

    Elliot Hindes


  8. On an absolute high…

    Gradball last night…Brilliant

    MA Art Psychotherapy at Roehampton…Here I come! I got the place! :D 


    Private View of our degree show tomorrow, off on holiday for a week on Sat, and then get to move back home to London! :)

    Good end to 3years in Winchester.

  9. On theme of my FMP…I should have my nails like this for the private view!

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  10. Show set up…can’t wait for it all to be up! roll on June 14th :D

  11. 67 Saturdays of going to Mc Donalds with my Dad.

    67 Happy Meals=67 toys+ one fat Little Jemini.


  13. Almost at the finishing line.

    Haven’t posted since making my Ronald sleeping bag, had a lot of thinking and working out to do. Although it may not seem so, a fair bit of the content for my FMP is personal. I’ve had to decide on what I feel comfortable showing in the degree show, and what I want to keep to myself. I’ve finally made that decision, and can’t wait for the show…its gonna be a goodun :)

    Lot’s of exciting stuff creeping up, but it’s kinda sad that it’s all coming to an end. Had a moment of realisation today whilst labeling, and putting together the last bits and bobs for my exhibition piece. Sadtimes…but a touch closer to being a real person :)

  15. A little bit in love with these bad boys! <3